We are so excited to share that Tobias Tubbs, the Chief Ambassador of the Insight Gardening program, will be joining the West Adams Crop Swap!

He’s also led the Catalyst Program and “Words Uncaged” of Lancaster Programming Facility. He is also the co-author of “Human”, a book aiming to break the criminal stigma and dehumanization of individuals who are incarcerated. Tubbs motivation to write this book stemmed from his own personal experiences, as he was sentenced to life in prison without parole. After 28 years in prison, Tubbs was commuted by Former California Governor Jerry Brown and was later released in October 2018. Under Tobias Tubbs guidance, the Insight Gardening program broke barriers, becoming the first program to successfully implement a gardening program in a high-level penitentiary. Upon meeting Crop Swap members, it had been 150 days since his release and Tobias still actively utilizes his knowledge of permaculture in the field of Urban Agriculture. Moreover, he continues to be an advocate and leading example in his community, as he serves as a founding partner and consultant for West Ave Crop Swap LLC. His involvement with “Words Uncaged”, a platform that tackles and mitigates prison re-entry, prevention, rehabilitation programs and art galleries that engage the philosophy of narrative therapy, is one of his most cherish-able acts of service he’s participated in since his release. Furthermore, Tobias was recently invited by Robin Sharma, one of the world’s top leadership experts, to speak about his experiences and his advocacy at the Titan’s Summit 2019.

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