Here are some of our future plans, all of this is iterative, and coming together as a volunteer community initiative:

  • Build Phase 2

We extend our build program by sourcing materials from a consistent set of vendors and we partner with anti-recidivism and youth volunteer groups to consistently train and construct the beds. Ultimately it should operate like clockwork.

  • Community Events

Themed dinners with semi-celebrity chefs, classes on horticulture/topics, evening moonlight musical performances, workshops, and activities for families. We have the skills and talent and initiative in our community, so we’re using them!

  • Branding for homemade products

Many amazing (valuable!) products have come from members, such as lavender essences, lotions, beeswax plate covers, kombucha, and various other items that people are creating from things in their own garden!

  • Harvest Pick Up

We’ll come and pick up your extra crops.

  • City-wide Crop Swap Location

A central location where people can drop veggies, routinely or anytime.

  • Mobile Food Trucks

Making delicious crop swap food and distributing it.

  • Mobile Healing Clinics

All free services. This will include chiropractic, acupuncture, and herbalist intakes directly from crop swap gardens! The goal is to heal people.