What We Do

Here is a list of what we're doing already:

Monthly Crop Swap

We hold monthly crop swaps at Jamiah’s home garden, which have increased in attendance each time, so far averaging around 30 people per Swap. Neighbors bring items to share from their gardens and fruit trees: all herbs, veggies, and fruits are welcome. Contributions have also included extra gardening supplies, plant cuttings, homemade marmalades, jams, backyard eggs, honey, organic seeds, planters, pots, and anything homemade or homegrown to share with the community. Every attendee then goes home with a variety of the fresh foods and goodies donated that day, essentially trading their harvests and contributions for an abundance of seasonal food. Win-win!


After just two harvests, we have collected and distributed hundreds of tangerines, grapefruit, oranges, lemons and avocados through our crop swap network, for free. We have also shared these harvests with neighbors and friends, beyond the crop swappers, and are planning additional harvests soon.
Our team is available to support local residents with Fruit Harvests and distribution, as well as trading fruit for home grown produce within the Crop Swap Network.


We will provide the knowledge, experience and labor to build new vegetable gardens, or to nurture the expansion of existing gardens, for neighbors interested in growing their own food. Raised beds provide a simple way to grow a large variety of organic herbs and vegetables easily, quickly and with minimal effort. The initial designs will be standardized with automated irrigation, organic soil/compost and plant starters. To cover the cost of materials and labor, our team will receive a Garden Starter Contribution from the homeowner, with a baseline initial investment to get the raised beds up and growing. Every garden build is unique and endlessly customizable, so the costs of materials and time will vary per site, homeowner requests and quantity of beds to be installed.

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